Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Convert content of XML file to JSON string in C#.Net

The below function will convert the content of XML file to JSON string:

private string convertXMLToJSON()
            string xmlLogPath = "<<Path to the xml file>>";

            // Load the XML file
            var xDocument = System.Xml.Linq.XDocument.Load(xmlLogPath);

            // Read the XML file content and write it to string
            string xml = xDocument.ToString();

            // Load the XML string
            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

            // Convert the XML string to JSON string
            string jsonText = JsonConvert.SerializeXmlNode(doc);

            //Release the memory
            doc = null;
            xmlLogPath = null;
            xml = null;
            xDocument = null;
            //Return the JSON string
            return jsonText;



Releasing object memory is very important. Even if your object went out of scope, it is not removed from the garbage collection. It happens because the variable still has some value in it. So Garbage collector think that the variable is in use and it doesn't remove it from the memory.

Setting it to NULL, tells the garbage collector that the object is no longer in use and can be removed from the garbage collection.

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